Rounds 7 & 8: Title decided at Rye

Published March 29, 2012 20:15

All Loughborough had to do was to win one of the two rounds at Rye

Rye House. A legendary track with imaginative names. Buckmore Park has "Damon Hill" (get it?) and "Symmes Sweep". Rye House has "Stadium" because it has an embryonic "grand stand" on entry. It also has "Pylon Ben" because, err, that's where there's a big fat pylon. You can feel the history seeping through it's twists and turns. Not! 

It is however just down the road from the birth place of Lewis Hamilton. It's where he started karting. Hairpin One is where Lewis's Dad stood one metre further up the track. It's how Lewis became the last of the late brakers! That's one reason why Rye is special. And Stadium is an awesome corner!

Img 0646

The pitlane. More crowded than Monaco!

So it was Rye House that welcomed the BUKC for the first time in several years (since Club100 moved to Bayford Meadows) and it was the place that could see the title decided so long as Loughborough could win one of the 2 rounds that day. 

Loughborough - relaxing

Loughborough - relaxing

Did they do it? Yep, they won round 7 and came 2nd in round 8 whist Southampton A had a nightmare and Hertfordshire A under-performed in round 7.

And for the first time this season, long time all star team Oxford Brookes A, finally got their hands on the biggest trophy by taking the win in Round 8 in the afternoon. 

Oxford Brookes A and B celebrate alongside Loughborough

Oxford Brookes A and B celebrate alongside Loughborough

Round 7 results

Round 8 results

Check out the video to find out how the Loughborough guys like to celebrate:

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