Loughborough University plan another successful year!

Published November 23, 2011 18:34

After another successful year in BUKC the lufbra karting team are back!

Bukc1 (1)

Lufbra Karting team are back and looking to capitalise on what they missed out on in 2011, they have brought some old and new faces but won't let it slip this time! 

The Teams

The A Team.

Dave Robinson
Matt Cornwell
Jon Connell
Luke Herbert

Possibly the oldest team ever fielded for a BUKC championship, these old folks will be hoping to show the youngsters how it's done. With a combined age of 90 they should probably go and find employment at some point, but until then there's a title up for grabs!

The B Team

Sam Sharples
Chris Morritt
Dylan Hull
Eddie Harrison

'The Heavyweights'. Unbelievably, this is a team of opposites with Chris Morritt weighing in at a mere 2 ounces in comparison to Dylan 'Pie' Hull's 1000kg! Dylan also harbours a strange love toward Oxford Brookes' Phil Gynn (Banter, 2011).... But as for their ontrack prowess the B's will be looking to give the top 5 something to think about, hopefully with a few race wins thrown in.

The C Team

Ilia Salov
Chris Thompson
Rob Smith
Nick Barnes

For 2012, this is an all new team full of fresh faces. With a fair bit of experience in both karting and cars this should be a team to watch out for, especially as the season progresses and the usual BUKC start up issues (aka cones) are ticked off. Potential top 5 team? Watch this space...

The D Team

Tom Fletcher
Danny Murphy
Stefan Donnelly
James Locke

When your D team has a bit of ex F1 driver in it... You know it's going to be a wicked season! There's some real enthusiasm in these guys and (fortunately) a fair bit of pace too. The qualifier will be quite an ice breaker here... As long as they make it through this will be a season of epic improvement. Captains bet? Top ten finish by Llandow.

The Reserves

Sean Dempsey
Mike Townley
Matt Capper
James Allen
Joel Clayton
James Hewitt
Jack Peacock


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