Huddersfield University looking for top finishes!

Published November 30, 2011 16:19

With a line up of top kart racing stars, the Huddersfield boys are looking to impress!

Ollie Greenwood - Affectionately known as the 'Yorkshire Stig', Ollie returns for a second year of BUKC. His best finish last season was a sixth place but he aims to taste victory this season. He currently races in the Senior Rotax category, and previous experiences include 5 years in Rotax with 4G Racing. Ollie has also competed in SYKC club championship with a... seasons best of 7th along with a 3rd place finish in the prestigous W Plate, and is the current Junior Rotax lap record holder, and is a regular attendee (and winner) at PPiK in Leeds.

Alister Topliss - ‘ The Baby-Faced Assassin’ Alister is a BUKC debutant. Starting his racing in 'arrive and drive' karts, Alister recently progressed to racing at his local track in Kimbolton in the Senior Rotax category. Alister has been quick to make a name for himself within the team, with his pace at PPiK closely matching that of local veterans.

Josh Butcher - Josh is also a BUKC debutant, and comes with national-level 'Super 1' and 'Stars Of Tomorrow' karting experience. With a lengthy racing career spanning nearly a decade (2000-2009), he has accumulated multiple race wins in various Rotax categories. Highlights include 2006 GYG club champion in Junior Rotax, and podium finishes in 'Stars' the following year. Financial issues have prevented Josh from competing since the end of 2009.

Tom Sansbury - Also debuting in the BUKC this season, Tom comes to the team with 'vast amounts of Mario Kart Wii experience'. He is a former BSKC finalist, and has years of experience racing in TKM categories - similar to that of the Club 100 karts in BUKC. Tom has proven an integral part of the team thus far, with solid performances at both PPiK and the BUKC qualifying rounds.

Up and coming drivers:

Kris Entwistle - Kris is a newcomer to karting, having began his career in September 2011 and already showing the signs of a smooth, confident driver. An assured performance in his first taste of BUKC testing at Whilton Mill was extremely promising, and his recent pace at PPiK has kept the race team on their toes. Following a short stint of testing at Warden Law with the race team, Kris is eager for further outdoor track-time to emphasise his recent performances - this driver is one to watch.

Dan Blake - Dan is coming back to racing this season at 23, following a 14 year absence from competition. He has experience racing in America at Junior Sportsman 1 and Junior Sportsman 2 level, and has proven recently that his lengthy hiatus has done nothing to slow his evident pace. Dan cemented this with an impressive drive at the Buckmore BUKC test, and looks forward to proving himself as a driver to look out for in the coming months. Dan is also affiliated with Rob Gaffney’s Meridian Motorsport team.

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