Brighton University Team Profile

Published November 30, 2011 16:12

Brighton are back with last years new drivers looking to make an impact.


After starting with an all-new driver line up last year, this is the beginning of our meteoric rise to the top of the BUKC!

With our most famous accolade being that we’re nearly always late for everything (as well as the renowned ‘Brighton luck’), this year we’re looking to change this (although we’ve got off to a terrible start on both accounts).

This year our driver line-up includes a man who has actually been in the news for his pure racing talent. Admittedly this is the local news…in Jersey…but who’s counting?

A team for this year includes:

Joel ‘Fatty’ Fothergill – Record holder for having to wear the MOST lead weight ever.
Alex ‘Know what I mean’ Fautley – Full of genuine Essex charm, if you’ve not heard him around the paddock you’re probably deaf…
Joel ‘Too posh to push’ Wroe-Johnson – Our specialist, our secret weapon, our…photographer. Famous for disappearing whenever we’re bump-starting karts.
Richard ‘Gramps’ Percival-Alwyn – Respect your elders! Otherwise he’ll get out the Tesco bag… (ask him about that if you dare).

Our B Team includes some equally famous names (if you went out in Teesside last year anyway!)

Darren ‘Drinking was my idea’ Gilford – Another lovely Essex lad, this man will literally drink you under the table before he passes out on top of it.
Willmar ‘Motormouth’ Silva – Here to make sure there’s never a quiet moment on our long road trips.
Harry ‘I’m running late again sorry mate’ Mankin – One of our BUKC virgins for this year, already famous for upholding our fine Brighton tradition of being late for everything.
Richard ‘I like to ride my bike’ Atwell – Another virgin for this year, a master of vehicular control…on two wheels anyway.

Squad members:

Elliott ‘I’ll graduate this year, honest’ Holland
Paddy ‘Mr Grumpy’ Pokorny
Ben ‘SuperDry’ Buhagiar

Brighton 2

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