BUKC 24 Hour Race 2017

It will be held at Teesside Autodrome on the weekend Saturday 24th June / Sunday 25th June. And this year the prices have come down, whoohoo....

Like last year we'll be running the full international circuit (yay!). See below:

Track Layout

This year we're doing away with the two different classes. Instead, all teams will be racing on the twin 200cc karts, and, because it's Teesside's 20th year of running 24hr races, they've lovingly dropped the price for us, whoohoo! The price per will therefore be just £1250 per team.

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These twin engine pro-karts are the same speed around Teesside Autodrome as a Club100 kart (softer front end and geared for speed) and in fact they are expertly prepared by one of the same mechanics who often helps out with the Club100 fleet. The karts are in fact expertly maintained! Good ol' Bobby!

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And we'll be starting like this!

The weather is going to be amazing and they'll be so much sun light that it will only be dark of a few hours. Nevertheless we're hiring in a ton of extra light!

Universities can enter as many teams they want. It is OPEN TO ALL universities regardless of whether they take part in the BUKC or not. In fact it is also open to graduates too.

Teams can consist of between 2 (mental) and 12 drivers (sensible).

How to Enter

To enter simply head over to https://bukc.alphatiming.co.uk/register/bukc24hr and register your teams. To secure your teams you will need to pay the deposit of £400 asap. You can either pay immediately by credit card or pay via bank transfer (details are on the invoice which will be sent to you.

The remaining balance of £850 will be due by the end of May.


Pimp my kart


Last year we had some pretty epic (and no so much) attempts at decorating the karts with your 'team liveries'. This year we're going to acknowledge your 'hard word'. FREE BOTTLE OF VODKA FOR THE BEST!

10511561 10152335720114864 3765193530479435745 O Some of the team names last year were...inventive.

10465434 10152335673999864 8587141591401588405 O Make sure you don't stack it!

10382087 10152335690014864 5914997035174886745 O Winner winner...